Meeting Your COVID-19 Enrollment Challenges

COVID-19 has created an unprecedented set of challenges for institutions of higher education — especially around admissions, enrollment and retention. While adapting to the current situation, you must also start preparing your institution for a world after COVID-19. How will you meet enrollment goals, encourage students to return, support your staff, and ensure your continued institutional vitality given the impact of this crisis?

With staff working remotely and resources stretched thin, finding solutions isn’t always easy. AACRAO Consulting is here to help, with two-hour videoconference consultations. Led by a specialized AACRAO consultant, our consultations are designed to address your unique challenges around COVID-19 and beyond. Here’s how it works.

  1. Complete the inquiry form below or call us directly at (202) 355-1056 to get started.
  2. Tell us what specific challenges you’d like to discuss during your consultation. Given the two-hour block, we recommend you narrow it to the top issue you may be having.
  3. We’ll assign an AACRAO consultant who best meets your needs and schedule your two-hour video conference at the earliest possible time.
  4. After the consultation, you’ll receive a follow-up email with a summary of the call and actionable recommendations.

As a special offer, we’re providing this remote consultation and follow-up service for only $995. During this uncertain time, know that AACRAO Consulting is here for you. Contact us today, and let’s find working solutions to meet this unique challenge.

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